In Search Of The Best Camera Cell Phone

If you ask ten different cell phone users for their opinions on the best camera cell phone in the world, you might just get ten different answers. There was one brief shining moment in the history of cell phones when the identity of the best camera cell phone was beyond doubt, and it was in November of 2000, when the Japanese companies Sharp and J-phone introduced the J-SH04.

As the first camera cell phone in the world, the J-SH04 easily walked away with year end honors as the best camera cell phone in the world. But the taste of victory was fleeting, and the J-SH04 was quickly surpassed by its own stablemate, the J-SH05, which had an LCD screen and a flip cover. The extra features of the J-SH05 qualified it as the winner of the best camera cell phone title, and it went a long way toward earning Sharp some respect as a maker of cell phones.

Best Camera Cell Phone

The title of best camera cell phone remained with one or another of the Japanese models throughout 2003, simply because the camera cell phone was a Japanese creation until Sony Ericsson entered the market in 2004 with its K700i and then the 1.2 megapixel camera S700i. In May of 2002, Sharp had released the first of the i-shot camera cell phones, the SH251i. In July of 2002, Mitsubishi got into the act, bidding for honors as the makers of the best camera cell phone with their D251i, and Fujitsu was close on Mitsubishi's heels with the F251i.

But Sharp, for 2002, kept its standing as the makers of the best camera cell phone when the SH251i boosted its market share of the Japanese cell phone market from just under 8% to 14%. However, in 2003 Japanese cell phone maker KDDI brought out the first megapixel camera cell phone, the 1.24 megapixel A5401CA camera cell phone from Casio and paved the way for what was to come.

Once Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung entered the camera cell phone market in 2004, the title of best camera cell phone became more a matter of taste than a verifiable standard. Camera cell phones became desirable not only for their still photography and video capacities; they began incorporating all sorts of features, becoming MP3 players, walkie-talkies, text messengers, email conveyors, GPS navigational tools, and Internet browsers.

Camera cell phones also became fashion accessories, with switchable housings and faceplates, wallpaper, and ring tones enough to satisfy any sort of taste. Camera cell phones are now available in so many models, with so many standard and optional features, from so many carriers, that the simplest answer to the question on what is the best camera cell phone might simply be, the best camera cell phone is the one that best meets the needs of its user.

There's an old folk saying which has not lost its truth through the years--"Handsome is as handsome does," and if you find a camera cell phone which takes the sort of pictures you want, with as many or as few other features as you want, you have found the best camera cell phone for you!

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