The Flap Over Camera Flip Cell Phones

Anyone purchasing a new camera cell phone is given a choice of styles. There is the traditional flat camera cell phone with its exposed video screen and operating buttons; there are slidercamera cell phones; and there are camera flip cell phone with an open and close flap designed to protect the phone's video screen and operating buttons. Which one is better has become the subject of considerable debate.

Because the flat cell phones have been with us since the beginning of cell phone history, they are the ones with which most cell phone users are comfortable. They were intentionally designed to mirror the standard land-line telephone, with its simple to use numbers pad. But two critical differences between them and land-line phones are that flat camera cell phones have LCD screens, and are carried in and out of environments never seen by land-line phones.

Camera Flip Cell Phone

Because the surface of the flat camera cell phone is almost always exposed to its surroundings, it will inevitably become dirty and its screen will become scratched. If enough debris accumulates around its operating buttons, they can begin to malfunctions. And the unprotected keyboard is susceptible to having its buttons pushed accidentally. Even if the sequence of numbers pushed is meaningless, it will still be billed as a real call.

Most flat camera cell phones have button lock features which protect against this, but the phone's user must remember to engage it, and then must disengage by punching in a key code it in order to use the phone.

In response to all of the above concerns, the manufacturers of camera flip cell phones returned to the drawing board and after much experimentation came up with the camera flip cell phone. The camera flip cell phone, with one simple alteration, eliminates the accumulation of dirt, debris, and scratches on the camera cell phone's buttons and screen. It also eliminates any need for a button lock code in order to prevent the phone fro dialing random numbers, and the need to key in a code to unlock the button lock before the camera flip cell phone can be used.

The one small niche in the new camera flip cell phone armor was in the hinge, or joint. The early joints were not made with a real grasp on how often camera cell phone users were using their phones to make and receive calls or take, send, and receive pictures, check email , and/or browse the Web.

Those first joints were giving out long before their users were ready to turn their camera flip cell phone in for newer models, but when the problem became evident, stronger joints, or rotating flaps appeared and the flap over camera flip cell phones was laid to rest.

The most recent incarnations of the camera flip cell phone last at least as long as their flat phone counterparts, and are very popular among those who want to be on the cutting edge of cell phone trends. But the market for flat cell phones, because they are familiar, is still strong among consumers who want the most economical, least technological cell phones and will settle for taking their pictures with regular cameras and reading their Email on their PCs.

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