Cell Phone Accessories: Functional And Fun

Criminal accessories are the people who helped the criminal without actually being present during the crime. Fashion accessories are the shoes, purses, belts, cufflinks, and other jewelry which are meant to make a fashion ensemble "work." And cell phone accessories can fall into either category: they can help your cell phone function without actually being involved in its sending and receiving processes, or they can just dress it up a bit.

Functional cell phone accessories, which aid in your phone's day to day operation while not being directly involved in it, include the charger for its rechargeable batteries. And there are battery boosters which you can connect to your cell phone, which work only when your cell phone battery is low and you need to buy some extra time before you can get it to a charger.

Cell Phone Accessories

If you live or are traveling in a part of the country where cell phone signals are weak, you should try a signal-bolstering antenna booster.

Then there are the cell phone accessories for automobile use, like "hands-free" or speaker phone kits which allow you to have cell phone conversations while you are driving without removing your hands from the steering wheel.

There are a variety of cell phone accessories designed both to protect your cell phone and to allow for you to carry it conveniently. There are cell phone cases which bear a close resemblance to eyeglass holders, and there are holsters which will let you attach your cell phone to your belt. There are cell phone shoulder holsters too, so you can feel much like a law enforcement officer.

To add to the convenience of carrying your cell phone, the makers of cell phone accessories have come up with cell phone cases with room for not only your cell phone, but your driver's license or other ID, and some emergency cash as well. And you can wear these Velcro-fastened cell phone cases on your wrist, arm, or thigh--wherever they will be most secure.

There are cell phone accessories designed to add fun to your cell phone experience, like games you can download for those times when you are between conversations. You can choose from hundreds, if not thousands, of different ring tones to make your phone unique, and you can change those ring tones as often as you like. If you are concerned about reports trying to establish a very dubious connection between the radiation from cell phones and illness, there are even cell phone radiation plates.

If you want to give your cell phone both protection and an entirely new look, there are cell phone accessories to do the job. Cell phone covers will protect both the front and back of your phone, while a cell phone face plate will conceal its keypad and front. Both cell phone covers and face plates are available in a rainbow of colors and wide range of designs.

If you decide to start collecting cell phone accessories, just remember that many of them are model specific, and you might not be able to use them if you decide to switch to a new phone.

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