The (Formerly) Cingular Camera Cell Phone

The Cingular camera cell phone is no more. Following the merger of Bell South, Cingular and AT& T in 2004, the brand name of AT&T was selected to identify the cell phones formerly called Cingular camera cell phones, and as of June 2007, almost all the phones being offered on the AT&T wireless website were bearing the AT&T logo.

In its heyday, however, the Cingular camera cell phone was used by customers of the largest wireless network in the US, and was a product not of Cingular itself, but of several leading cell phone manufacturers who had contracts to supply them.

Cingular Camera Cell Phone

The Cingular camera cell phone had many of Cingular's innovative features, including Cingular's EDGE technology and its Universal Mobile Telephone Service which allowed Cingular's customers to use global roaming. Every Cingular camera cell phone also had advanced graphics, multiple ring tone selections, and a multimedia display.

A typical Cingular camera phone was the Sony Ericsson W300i, an inexpensive model of the Sony Walkman cell phone line. The W300i Cingular camera cell phone included not only a VGA camera, but both an MP3 player and FM radio, Bluetooth, instant messaging capacity, WAP, and a clearly readable display screen, which is a surprising orange color yet is as kind to the eyes as the standard blue of Cingular camera cell phone screens.

The pictures produced by the W300i Cingular camera cell phone are acceptable, if not earth-shaking in their quality, and for those users who would like to try their hand at improving the photos, the phone includes photo editing software.

Also from Sony Ericsson is the W580i, with the same orange screen of the W380i, and a striking white housing. The W580i has a two megapixel camera, a generous display screen, Bluetooth, and a web browser. It's available from AT&T, for web purchase from Wirefly, FonCentral, and LetsTalk.

The Cingular camera cell phone, however, is now usually referred to as the AT&T formerly Cingular camera cell phone, and the sheer awkwardness of that phrasing will soon render any reference to Cingular obsolete. But among the AT&T formerly Cingular cell phones currently available are the ultra-thin flip Motorola RAZR V3i available from both AT&T, or FonCentral and Wirefly for online purchasing. While this formerly Cingular cell phone gets high marks for its picture quality, color and compact size, the compactness comes with a price and many users are not happy with the size of the keypad, saying its buttons are too flat and too close together.

But the general consensus is that the best formerly Cingular camera cell phone is the Blackberry Curve� from Research in Motion. With a two megapixel camera, a 2.5" diagonal screen, and a full QWERTY keyboard, it weighs in at less than four ounces. Its screen is designed to optimize viewing with automatically adjustable backlighting which accommodated all sorts of lighting conditions. The screen also allows a choice of font sizes and styles, and has a selection of themes and wallpapers. The Blackberry Curve� isn't cheap, however; AT&T is asking $199.99 with a two year service contract and all rebates included.

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