LG Camera Cell Phones: New Kids On The Block

Although South Korea's LG Electronics came late to the worldwide cellular phone party, the LG cellular phone division hit a global home run in 2006 with the introduction of the Chocolate LG camera cell phone. The Chocolate LG camera cell phone put to rest LG Mobile's reputation as a producer of bulky, unwieldy candy bar style phones. .

The Chocolate LG camera cell phone was introduced in April in the US of 2006, and was finally made available to customers of Verizon wireless in August of 2006, although it hade been in use in Asia and Europe almost since it hit the market.

Lg Camera Cell Phone

But the Chocolate LG phone, while its looks were almost as delicious as its name, did not really offer much that wasn't available in other camera cell phones. At .69 inches thick, it is slightly larger than the Samsung U600, but still acceptable to all cell phone users except those who wear skin-tight jeans. A slider phone, the Chocolate LG camera cell phone can be used even when the slider is closed, and has received high marks for its durable construction.

Loaded with a 1.3 megapixel camera and stereo Bluetooth, the Chocolate LG camera cell phone was nonetheless promoted to Verizon customers as an MP3 player with a cell phone attached. Verizon, of course, offers the V Cast Music service which lets users download songs directly to the Chocolate LG camera cell phone at 99 cents a pop, and the phone offers short cut buttons which allow the MP3 player to be turned on and off with ease.

The MP3 player on the Chocolate LG camera cell phone also has repeat and shuffle options, and an offline mode which allows its use during air travel. And the MP3 player is enhanced with stereo Bluetooth.

Although Verizon focuses on the MP3 capability of the Chocolate LG camera cell phone, its camera is nothing to complain about. The 1.3 megapixel camera with 2X zoom can shoot photos in five resolutions from 160 X120 to 1280 x 960. And its camcorder can record 176 x 144 video clips of up to fifteen seconds, if they are to be transmitted as multimedia messages, but if enough memory is free, can record videos for up to sixty minutes. Both the still pictures and videos can be edited.

The Chocolate LG camera cell phone was such a success that it led LG to increase the size of its cellular phone design staff, and the Chocolate has been followed in quick succession by the LG Prada and the LG Shine. While the LG Prada isn't available from any US wireless carrier, perhaps because of its hefty price tag at around $600 USD, it definitely does have the Prada chic, and for cell phone users who value fashion as much as function in their phones, the Prada LG camera cell phone will have its appeal.

And the Shine LG camera phone, the introduction of which was sandwiched between the Chocolate and the Prada models, is a sleek and stylish mirror-finished cell phone which most critics agree looks better than it performs. But it is priced at $400 USD, and while it too is not yet available from any US wireless carriers, may become considerably cheaper should one of them decide to offer it.

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