The Nextel Camera Cell Phone: The Late Starter Leads The Pack

Life without a cell phone would be unimaginable for billions of today's consumers, and a cell phone without a camera would be unimaginable for a good percentage of those same consumers. The first company to put cell phone technology and camera technology into one innovative package was Sharp, who in 2000 removed the first shovelful of dirt from what has become a seemingly inexhaustible gold mine for all cell phone manufacturers since.

Nextel, which has since made itself synonymous with NASCAR, is one of the companies to capitalize on the camera cell phone craze. The first Nextel camera cell phone, the Motorola Tattoo i860, appeared in December of 2004, after Nextel had established a track record of producing cell phones appreciated for their longevity, their push-to-talk feature, and their overall business-user friendliness. The Nextel camera cell phone came late to the party, but made a splash upon its entrance with the i860, which included higher screen resolution and an improved menu design.

Nextel Camera Cell Phone

The i860 Nextel camera cell phone allowed its users to take photos in five different resolutions ranging from 640 X 480 all the way down to 128 x 96, had a 4X zoom, and a flash. It also was able to take ten seconds of video with sound, which was all its 2.5 MB of memory allowed. Pictures taken with the i860 Nextel camera cell phone could be uploaded to the Nextel website, so that the user could free up the camera's memory, or could be sent to an email address, but the only cell phone capable of receiving them was the i860 Nextel camera cell phone itself, and the videos the cell phone took couldn't be transmitted wirelessly, period.

Just eight months after the i860 Nextel camera cell phone debuted, the Nextel/Sprint merger was announced in August of 2005. As of 2007, Sprint Nextel had the third largest wireless network in the US, with over fifty million subscribers, and the demand for the Nextel camera cell phone was soaring.

The Nextel camera cell phone has the advantage of being made by the same wireless network which has been the first incorporate cloning and fraud safeguards into its phones, making them highly popular with law enforcement and first responders across the US. And the Nextel camera cell phone has an optional Nextel Direct Connect feature, allowing it to function as a walkie-talkie. This feature is especially useful in business environments and has the capacity to connect as many as one hundred Nextel camera cell phone users simultaneously.

One of the most popular of all the features of the Nextel camera cell phone is that it is manufactured in several special editions. The demand for special editions is so great, in fact, that counterfeits of them are being sold online, but the genuine special edition Nextel camera cell phones have applications which will distinguish them from the fakes. The best way to know which is which is to become familiar with the wall paper, ring tones, and other features of each special edition Nextel camera.

A special edition Nextel camera cell phone can cost as much as $400, and if you see one offered for what appears to be a remarkably good price, you are probably looking at a fake.

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