Prepaid Cell Phone Plans: The Simple Solution

There was a time when prepaid cell phone plans were used almost exclusively by consumers with less-than-stellar credit histories, but as more and more people have struggled with long-term phone plans and lived to tell about it, the relative freedom of prepaid cell phone plans has gained a much wider appeal.

Prepaid cell phone plans are the perfect solution for anyone who simply does not have the mindset to keep track of the sorts of cell phone minutes and coverage areas included and excluded from most traditional plans. They are also great for those who live in dread of being socked with overage costs or simply don't like the idea of being bound to a particular carrier for one or two years.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

As the interest in prepaid cell phone plans has risen, the cost of prepaid cell phone plans has fallen, with all the predictability of the law of supply and demand. Prepaid cell phone plans offer a way for those who are not convinced of the necessity of cell phones to give them a try, and they offer the wireless carriers a way to convince potential, but skeptical, customers of the joy of cell phone ownership.

How exactly do prepaid cell phone plans work? Basically, you register for an account with the wireless carrier of your choice, and pay in advance for as many cell phone minutes as you think you'll need--usually for a thirty, sixty, or ninety-day period. If you underestimate, you can purchase more minutes before your expiration deadline, but if you find that cell phone ownership is not for you, simply let your plan expire.

If you like the cell phone but hate the carrier, you're covered because you are free to switch whenever you like, even if it means letting your unexpired minutes go unused. There are no early cancellation penalties; the only money you will ever spend is the money you pay to purchase minutes. How do you know if a prepaid cell phone plan is right for you?

If you are someone whose home phonies more of a bodily appendage than a telecommunications device; if you want the most stylish and cutting edge technological innovations as soon as they are available; or if you are someone who hates to pay a penny more than you absolutely have to for a particular service, you are probably not the ideal prepaid cell phone plan candidate.

But if you see the obvious wisdom of having a phone you can carry with you incase of emergencies, and don't care what it looks like or how many music videos it and download as long as it works when you need it, and don't mind paying more per minute because you simply aren't going to be purchasing that many minutes, than you are definite prepaid cell phone plan material.

Prepaid cell phone plans are the prototypical "try-before-you-buy" sales gimmick. The wireless carriers are betting that once you've become accustomed to you cell phone, you won't be able to imagine how you lived without it, and that you will become s long-term customer. But that's the risk they are willing to take, and why they are willing to let you go, if and when you want to, without a struggle!

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