The Prepaid Wireless Cell Phone: Your Security Blanket

If you're someone who sees the wisdom of having a cell phone for emergencies, but simply cannot understand why so millions of cell phones seem to have morphed into bodily appendages for their users, you may be a candidate for a prepaid wireless cell phone.

A prepaid wireless cell phone is perfect for someone who would like to have the convenience and security of cell phone handy in those "what-if" situations, but would not use it the rest of the time. If you spend less than five hours a month on your land-line phone, and don't think your usage would increase just because you had a cell phone, a prepaid wireless cell phone would work very well.

Prepaid Wireless Cell Phone

A prepaid wireless cell phone is also a good option for someone who has no credit history or would like his or her kids to have cell phones for emergencies, but doesn't want them being used non-stop.

It's a good time to start investigating getting a prepaid wireless cell phone, because the cellular providers have realized the the good business sense of extending their services to the millions of people who do not need or cannot afford long-term cellular service contracts. They have begun to compete with one another in order to entice those potential prepaid wireless cell phone customers, and competition always works in favor of the consumer. Prepaid wireless cell phone service is now available from at least one carrier for ten cents a minute, down from as much as twenty-five cents.

The drawback to prepaid wireless cell phone service is that all the service providers require you to use the minutes you have purchased within a specific time, usually between thirty and ninety days. And your cost per minute will decrease, as the number of minutes for which you pay increases. But if you add more minutes to your plan before your unused minutes expire, your unused minutes will roll over until your next expiration date. That's how the prepaid wireless cell phone carriers keep you coming back for more.

Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Cingular are recognized as the leading prepaid wireless cell phone providers, and most of their prepaid plans are similar in features to their long-term wireless plans. That means you'll be charged different rates for your cell phone use depending on the times of day when you use it. You can also pay extra fro features like text messaging, but if your entire propose for going with a prepaid wireless cell phone plan is to keep things simple and inexpensive, those features will probably not interest you.

The least complicated, and least expensive of the current prepaid wireless cell phone plans appears to be from T-Mobile, with its "T-Mobile to Go" plan. This plan is ideal if you want a cell phone strictly for emergencies, because it only costs $100 and gives you a thousand minutes of use good for an entire year. You can forget about expiration dates for 365 days, and with a thousand minutes should have plenty of coverage no matter how many emergencies arise!

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