Samsung Camera Cell Phones: Something For Everyone

Slider camera cell phones, old-fashioned candy bar camera cell phones, and flip camera cell phones: Samsung camera cell phones are available in all three styles, to appeal to every cell phone user. Samsung camera cell phones are engineered to meet the highest standards of functionality and form, placing Samsung among the top five global cell phone manufacturers, and its clear understanding of what the market demands in advanced camera cell phone performance and appearance will increase the demand for Samsung camera cell phones.

Three typical Samsung camera cell phones from the same U--or Ultra Edition-- family are the Samsung U100 and the Samsung U600. The candy bar style U100 Samsung camera cell phone is equipped with a three megapixel camera and video recorder; Bluetooth, a hands-free speaker, MP3 player, document viewer, and numerous other features in a handset measuring 5.9mm, or less than ¼", thick.

Samsung Camera Phone

The razor thinness of the U100 Samsung camera cell phone makes the earlier U600 slider style Samsung camera cell phone, at 10.9 mm, or almost ½' thick, seem positively bulky in comparison. But that extra thickness encloses a 3.2 megapixel, 4X digital zoom camera with image editor; an MP3 player and WMDRM which allows the u600's users to access to buy purchase and download music from various online sites; Bluetooth stereo, an 80MB internal memory; and much more.

The big dog of the Ultra Edition Samsung camera cell phones, however, is the Samsung U700 slider phone, which not only has the three megapixel camera but also contains a VGA camera for use during video calls; and again has the MP3 player, the Bluetooth features, email support, and everything its smaller siblings offer.

The U100 Samsung camera cell phones actually stole some of the thunder from Samsung's X820, the amazingly thin, at 6.9mm, flip phone made of exceptionally strong fiberglass reinforced plastic. The X280 was introduced with a sophisticated matte black finish with a silver chrome accent along its top.

The X820 Samsung camera cell phone is equipped with not only a two megapixel camera and MP3 player; it has Bluetooth wireless technology to enable both wireless printing and quick file transferring. While its 1.9" wide landscape LCD viewing screen allows you to enjoy your photographs as you take them, you can also connect the X280 Samsung camera cell phone to a larger viewing screen with its Direct TV output+ feature. And unlike most cell phones, the X820 can be used during air travel simply by engaging its offline mode.

One other flip style Samsung camera cell phone is the Z140, unsual for its rotating VGA camera with 640 x 480 resolution, providing clear photos. The camera has a 2x digital zoom, a timer, night mode, and multiple shot capability, and photo editing features which can allows its users to add creative effects to their finished photo files.

The Z140 Samsung camera cell phone provides Internet access and allows its users to both make video calls and hold video conferences, so it is ideal for business use.

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