The Verizon Camera Cell Phone: White Chocolate Luxury

In 1983, Motorola introduced the first wireless phone for use with its wireless network. In the quarter of a century since, the competition among wireless networks has become as fierce as any competition in the history of capitalism, as has the competition among manufacturers of wireless, or cell phones.

The Verizon wireless network currently has nearly sixty million subscribers, who pay nearly forty billion dollars a year for the convenience of using the Venison wireless cell phone. The wireless telecommunications introduced in 1983 have moved from niche luxury to mainstream necessity, and there is no turning back.

Verizon Camera Cell Phone

The Verizon family of cell phones has kept pace with all the innovations in the cell phone industry, and the Verizon camera cell phone is available in several different models from several manufacturers. While Verizon is probably best known for its "Can you hear me now?" advertising campaign, which supposed emphasized the tremendous amount of testing Verizon did to make sure its wireless service performed anywhere, anytime, there is seldom any specific advertising for the Verizon camera cell phone. Why?

There is no Verizon camera cell phone per se; there are camera cell phones offered to those who sign up for Verizon wireless service and each of these has a variety of different features, with the different Verizon camera cell phones appealing to a broad range of consumers. The Chocolate Verizon camera cell phone introduced in July of 2006, for instance, was designed and manufactured by electronics conglomerate LG, and was intended to compete directly with the Motorola RAZR line of camera cell phones.

The Chocolate Verizon camera cell phone functions both as a still photo camera and a camcorder, and can take up to thirty seconds of video for sending or can download and store up to one hour of video clips for watching. Although its called the Chocolate Verizon camera cell phone, it's available in black, white, red, green, pink, and blue.

The VX8000 Verizon camera cell phone has some amazing multimedia features, such as the V CAST service. V CAST will provide access to television quality video clips so that you can keep track of the latest sports scores, music videos, and movie trailers no matter where you are.

All the music and video downloads available to the VX8000 Verizon camera cell phone must be purchased through the V CAST media store, which has a catalog of songs numbering more than 1.4 million. Each song downloaded to the VX8000 Verizon camera cell phone costs $1.99, and the user will also have a copy of the song automatically downloaded to his or her personal computer. But if the user chooses, the song can be downloaded to his or her computer for only $0.99, and then put on the VX800 Verizon camera cell phone for no charge.

The VX8000 Verizon camera cell phone, of course, has still photo capability, and its 1.9 mega pixel camera has both a flash and a 4X zoom with extreme close-up feature. It will also allow you to shoot pictures of yourself while its flip cover remains closed. It will store as many as two hundred still pictures and up to one hundred fifteen-second videos.

The VX8000 is just one of a serried of Verizon camera cell phones, so there is sure to be one perfect for any user of the Verizon wireless network!

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